Hospitality Design Highlight: Axis T

juniper lighting feature axis t hospitality design

Hospitality Design, a magazine that aims to fasten the design community by bringing forward hospitality-focused projects, just recognized one of our newest fixtures and introduced The Axis T to industry professionals. Explore what makes the Axis T worth mentioning.


The Axis T, a product from a larger collection of wall sconce and suspended fixtures, was designed by Miren Lasnier of Juniper. Its inspiration was ultimately drawn from extruded angles, channels, and tees during the Industrial Revolution. Given that this was an era of resilience, our collaboration was challenged to develop a modern configuration that possesses such elements.


A luxurious bronze T-shape was crafted to exhibit a fixture that emits two powerful outward arrays opposite each other. With this design, we were able to unfold a new product that stays true to our goals as a lighting manufacturer while dominating the modern industrial aesthetic as planned.


Because this high-output fixture has the capability to reach up to 2,400LM while using low wattages (as low as 26W), the Axis T becomes a fitting addition to any modern hospitality space. It is available in two sizes (36 in. & 48 in) and in six deluxe finishes (Satin Brass, Polished Brass, Grey-Stained Ash, Black Walnut, Black Oxide, & Antique Pewter). For more questions about our Axis T, reach out to our sales team to see how we can help.