Inside Proxi Chicago Restaurant with Juniper’s Custom Lighting

Chef Andrew Zimmerman discovered a whole new love for food upon traveling to Europe and Asia where street food is a staple. Along with Emmanuel Nony, an international hospitality expert, the duo introduced an elevated rendition of street food into the Chicago scene. Say hello to Proxi, adorned with Juniper’s custom lighting.

chicago restaurant proxi front

Proxi is a spin-off restaurant of the Michelin-starred Sepia, but with a more casual dining experience. New York-based Meyer Davis, however, elevated the restaurant with a grand interior design. Upon entering, the Proxi greets guests with a rounded reception desk to offer experiences in the dining room or adjacent lounge area.


The space opens up to a large dining area, filled with simplistic wooden tables and chairs. Blue and white tiled floors line the entire space, completing a palette of oranges, blues, and light and dark neutral tones. Proxi  is embellished in glossy-tiled pillars, gem-colored drapes, and custom pendant and mounted light fixtures by Juniper.

proxi restaurant inside

A person with a comprehensive palate can immediately tell the nuances among high-end Asian, Indian, and Mexican dishes that the restaurant prides itself in. Rather than focusing on a wide-ranged wine selection, Proxi condensed their beverage menu into a couple of peculiar cocktails and international beers. Because the restaurant offers window seating, Juniper manufactured custom wall-mounted swivel pendants to adjust proper lighting and matte black drum pendants for further elegance.

lounge proxi restaurant with juniper's custom lighting
Inside Proxi Chicago Premium Lounge and Restaurant

To be at par with Proxi’s high-end interior, Juniper’s custom lighting exhibited its tasteful design for the 12-seater bar, rich jewel-toned lounge, and sidewalk seating. It was an effortless addition to the already thoughtful space with leather upholstered booths, marble countertops, and rustic wood panels.

leather booths proxi restaurant
window seating at Proxi Chicago restaurant with juniper's custom lighting
Proxi restaurant and lounge in Chicago
high end cocktail bar proxi chicago
inside proxi chicago restaurant, bar, and lounge

Photos by David Burke



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