An Electrical Breakdown

Electricity is a type of energy, and comes in two general forms: AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current). In a circuit, electricity moves between a negative (-) and positive (+) source – how it moves depends on whether it is either AC or DC. The two are not interchangeable and one must be converted to the other in order to be properly utilized.

Electricity and Lighting

Power is supplied to our homes and offices in the form of AC, which can be used without modification by incandescent light bulbs. LEDs however (JUNIPER only uses LED technology), require DC power, and therefore need something to convert AC to DC. Power supplies (also known as drivers) fulfill this function.

Power Supplies

LED power supplies are able to convert AC power to DC power, and set the voltage and current to what the LEDs require. There are many types of power supplies – JUNIPER determines which ones work best with our products. Our clients only need to give us two pieces of information: dimming and power location requirements.


As they relate to our products, there are two types of dimming: Phase, and 0-10V. Phase dimming takes place on the AC side; that is, before the power is converted to DC. Within Phase dimming, there are two types: Foward Phase/TRIAC/2-Wire, and Reverse Phase/ELV, the only difference being which side of the AC voltage wave the chunk is taken out of. 0-10V dimming works by sending a control signal from between 0V and 10V to the power supply. At 0V the connected fixture is at 0% output, and at 10V the connected fixture is at 100% output . Consult your electrician to find out what type of dimming is best for your project.

Remote vs Local Power

There are two options available for where to located your LED power supply: remote, or local. Which choice works best for you depends on your project, and it is recommended to consult with your electrician in order to determine what to specify when you order a fixture from JUNIPER. Remote power supplies are typically the most elegant option, as they do not require a large canopy to be installed on the ceiling or wall with the fixture. However, they require more complex wiring and may not be possible depending on the site conditions. Local power supplies are very simple to wire and install, providing there is a junction box where you want your fixture located.


Power Supply Selection Tool

Canopy Options

Local and Remote

Integral power canopies simplify installation, while our remote mini canopies can reduce the size of mounting down to 1.25″

Flexible and Elegant

JUNIPER’s array of mounting options accommodate a wide range of ceiling conditions.

Field Adjustable

Our proprietary cable gripper system allows fine adjustment of not only the length of the cable, but also the position on the ceiling – essential for hard ceilings where anchors can be challenging to locate precisely.