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(May 2016 – New York, NY) – Juniper, the Brooklyn-based furniture, lighting and accessories company, will launch a new collection of contemporary design at ICFF in May. The collection includes the Love Me Not | À La Folie, THIN extension, THIN Chandelier, The M2 Lamp and an expanded THIN LED task lamp collection.


Juniper is showing its Love Me Not light pendant composed by Montreal-based artist Pascale Girardin. The light fixture is composed of five layers of thermoformed acrylic, hand-shaped into organic petals. “The purpose of the Love Me Not is to establish a cohesive relationship between the natural world and the manufactured world” notes Pascale Girardin. The pendant, which measures 36” in diameter is housed with two floral shaped copper heatsinks at each end designed to transfer the heat from the LEDs. The light core in the center of the pendant delivers 3000 lumens of light. As each acrylic layer is largely hand-formed, no two fixtures are identical.


Inspired by the archetypal miner’s lamps of 19th century North East England, David Irwin set out to create a contemporary play on the aesthetics and function of these historical icons. After a successful debut in 2013, Juniper is relaunching a new generation of the award-winning wireless M Lamp at ICFF in May. The new lamps, referred to as M2 are aesthetically similar to its predecessor. Updates include a 360 degree rotating lamp head, more intuitive switch and dimmer controls and a lower center of gravity. Same as in previous models, the lamp includes a safe integrated lithium battery that when fully charged can last up to 60 hours on the low setting. The entire fixture, including lamping and battery, have been engineered to stand the test of time for a lifespan of 15+ years and is available in a matte black, glossy white and vibrant orange. Standing at 9” tall, and made entirely of high-grade aluminum, these cordless lamps can be transported anywhere within the home, office and in between.

Along with this launch, Juniper is releasing a limited edition version of the M lamp in polished copper and chrome finishes.


Designer Peter Bristol and Juniper have teamed up to broaden the THIN task lamp collection, originally launched in 2013. The same ultra-thin brass tubular body of the fixture is applied to floor lamp, wall mount and desk inset models. In addition, Juniper has introduced a shorter desk lamp version and two new finishes including glossy white and black oxidized. “These new additions are a response to strong demand of the THIN lamp and client requests for models suiting more applications” explains Juniper founder and President, Shant Madjarian. All new models incorporate the same ball joint and springless hinge that make it possible for the lamp to stretch out three feet across the work surface. When folded the lamp reduces in view to a minimal vertical profile. “The thin profile announces its modernity, while classic brass construction and a cast iron base combine to give the THIN lamp a timeless and friendly feel.” states designer Peter Bristol. The THIN’s light engine is comprised of 33 high-powered dimmable LEDs that produce over 500 lumens of warm white light.


Another result of Juniper’s collaboration with Peter Bristol, the THIN Chandelier pulls its inspiration from the tools and technologies underlying the THIN task lamp, and expanding that into a modular 12-arm contemporary interpretation of the traditional chandelier. Each ultra-thin arm contains two hinges that can be articulated to form an a series of biomorphic shapes and configurations. At its maximum the fixture extends 12’ in diameter. The arms can be folded down to form a tight 13” diameter pendant. The long LED arrays on each arm produce a total of 6500 lumens. Juniper has made the THIN Chandelier available in raw and black oxidized brass.


As part of yet another collaboration with Peter Bristol, Juniper has launched the THIN Extension, a series of magnetically interconnecting illuminating brass tubes. The tubes measure ½” in diameter and 32” in length. Segments can be interconnected to form long arrays that can be wall mounted or suspended. “This is probably Juniper’s most architectural and commercial product to date, but its warmest welcome may very well be in the home.” says Mel Saenz, Sales Director at Juniper. Each segment produces 800 lumens of dimmable warm white light. According to Juniper, applications include art lighting, under-cabinet lighting, accent lighting, retail or office lighting or dining pendants.


Juniper is a Brooklyn-based design studio and fabrication house founded in 2011. The company was formed on the belief that good design is essential and holds the power to change people’s lives. Juniper shares this passion by offering thoughtfully realized solutions in lighting, furniture and accessories that address the way people live today. Each product strives for simplicity and naturalism in its form and function, with durability and adaptability at the root. “I saw an industry reacting to an evolving social attitude towards design. It felt as if there was this growing movement to combine creative thinking and disciplined execution to build useful products based on the philosophy of good design. I wanted to be a part of this movement,” explains Shant Madjarian.