AutoCamp Yosemite is the third and newest location of the outdoor hotel experience network in California. Dezeen covered the 35-acre project that exemplifies comfort and luxury while connecting to nature.

Designed by Anacapa Architecture and Geremia Design, the campsite is so much more than tents and bonfires. Even their tents are more than just tents. With luxury amenities like Tempur-Pedic mattresses, Wi-Fi, and temperature-controlled rooms, AutoCamp makes sure guests are truly comfortable after a day of hiking or swimming in nearby outdoor areas.

The 4,000 square-foot clubhouse provides a common area for guests to convene for group activities and socializing. Juniper lighting is installed in the clubhouse for minimal picture lighting and linear pendant lighting solutions. Juniper’s THIN Lighting System utilizes solid brass tubing, naturally blackened by oxidation to match the surrounding modern industrial elements that weave AutoCamp Yosemite with other AutoCamp locations.

The project truly redefines glamping in a way that’s relatable and conscious of today’s evolving technology demand. While offering these luxury amenities to not feel deprived during your stay, AutoCamp makes sure guests are connected with their surrounding natural elements to the fullest extent, encouraging all who stay there, to venture to nearby landmarks and get the full camping experience.