Hunker Lists THIN Suspension in 12 Cool Modern Suspended Lighting

THIN Suspension modern suspension lighting over a table

Hunker introduces functional space solutions to individuals with tips and tricks, encouraging that design should be part of our daily lives. Their team covered 12 reasons why modern suspension lighting looks cool as an alternative to traditional light fixtures. One reason, being that modern suspended lighting is seemingly free-floating and all kinds of dreamy. The feature reads:

“The ultra-thin silhouette of this Juniper Design light fixture appears to defy the laws of gravity. Perfect over a long dining table, this modern and minimal rod practically floats as it radiates light in any direction of your choosing.”


The THIN Suspension Features

Due to the THIN Suspension’s 1/2-inch diameter segments, this modern suspended lighting can be installed in small or large spaces. It is slender in form and powerful in function, especially when connecting light segments together to build longer and brighter illumination. Its magnetic fittings on either end or pass-throughs allow for rotation so users can adjust lighting direction a full 360°.


The THIN Suspension also offers customizable features to turn each light fixture into a unique lighting solution. Select its metal finish, segment length, and connected segments to complement any space’s span, decor, or color palette. Choose the color temperature and bulb lens finish to ensure that the modern suspended lighting provides ideal illumination.

Modern Suspended Lighting Designers

Sharing the list in Hunker’s feature is Flos for their floor-to-ceiling lamp that transforms into a suspended light fixture upon adjusting its height. Ferm Living was also highlighted for their minimal spherical pendant with a brass socket, promoting elegance through simple design. Etched-glass teardrop pendants by Apparatus Studio were mentioned for their awe-inspiring profile that suspend from a woven brass mesh.

Juniper Lighting THIN Suspension Linear LED fixture

THIN Suspension in Black Oxide

Juniper Lighting Magnetically Connected Segments of THIN Suspension in Patisserie Fouet New York City

THIN Suspension with 7 Connected Segments in Satin Brass at Patisserie Fouet