3 Vertical Suspended Light Fixtures with Modern Aesthetics

Contributing value to architecture, we introduced vertical suspended light fixtures that complement contemporary design through their form and function. They embody a minimal profile to create a comfortable space. Going beyond their aesthetics, all of these were thoughtfully engineered to provide lighting solutions and serve their utmost purpose of illuminating spaces, all while maximizing the benefits of LED lamping to reduce energy waste. Discover our 3 new vertical suspended light fixtures below.


1. THIN Vertical Suspension

The THIN Vertical Suspension drops as a single line, endorsing the evolution of reductive design. Adding to its slender structure is its 1/2-inch diameter segment that rotates 360° on-site for adjustable lighting capabilities. Install the THIN Vertical Suspension as a single segment or combine 3, 4, or 6 segments for unique clusters of light. We recommend adjusting each light segment’s drop height to execute a curated lighting cascade.

48 in. THIN Vertical Suspension in Satin Brass
THIN Vertical Suspension with 3 Segments in Black Oxide

2. THIN Multiples Vertical Suspension

Extending the THIN Multiples Triad and Tetrad‘s design, we developed vertical orientations. The THIN Multiples Vertical Suspension Triad and Tetrad have three and four 1/2-inch LED segments per configuration. Encased in brass straps, segments can be independently repositioned by rotating and are fully dimmable for a custom ambience.

3. Axis X Vertical Suspension

Balancing light and architecture, the Axis X Vertical Suspension beams an enticing X or + (plus) silhouette from its four LED light arrays. Although it holds a satisfying weight, the bronze or wood fixture tastefully suspends from a single mounting point using a slim, sturdy aircraft cable. The Axis X Vertical Suspension is recommended to be installed as a single configuration or a cluster due to its powerful illumination.

48 in. Axis X Vertical Suspension in Satin Brass