Sixtysix Interviews Product and Lighting Designer Peter Bristol

Peter Bristol, designer of the THIN Modular Lighting System for Juniper, was interviewed by Sixtysix, an online news platform and printed magazine, for his remarkable contributions as a product designer—the THIN Chandelier for Juniper, Microsoft Sculpt Keyboard, and Oculus Rift.

               Product and Lighting Designer Peter Bristol

Is there a project that keeps you up at night?

It seems like it is everything added together that keeps me up at night. Which project specifically probably depends on the day. My work at Oculus is pretty consuming, and I am always thinking about new ideas for Juniper and Visual Comfort. I also tend to continually add to the ever-growing backlog of personal projects I’ll likely never get to.


How does your interest in design and function intersect with your work on tech gear?

I guess I am interested in almost every type of problem? I feel like they might inform each other a bit. Lighting design is often driven only by the designer, and the lights become artistic statements, while complex consumer electronics can often look like a literal illustration of constraints and requirements. In contrast to these outcomes, the simple and modular nature of the Juniper THIN line is more like a toolkit for architects and designers to use for their vision, while details like the stretch fabric canopy on the interior of the Oculus Rift bring a level of unexpected delight.

THIN Chandelier Sizes

About the THIN Chandelier

The THIN Chandelier is an intriguing, whimsical light fixture with appendages reminiscent of spider legs that leave an impression upon installation. It has 12 hinged arms, each one precisely machined in solid brass, that contract and extend to discover infinite geometric shapes and patterns. Form an arachnid-like light fixture or collapse its linear tubings to mold a concaved THIN Chandelier, enforcing a flexible architecture in any modern space.


With slender aircraft cables that rid of obstruction, the THIN Chandelier appears to suspend magically and weightlessly. Its LED lamping is designed to dim, allowing the THIN Chandelier to transform from an exciting light fixture into a more intimate source of illumination.